According to Rep. John Byrant, the Texas Property Tax Relief Bill may provide more benefits to local Texas renters.

After months of promising, Texas legislators finally delivered on their pledges to many Texans. Except for tenants.

Democrats advocate for a Texas property tax relief plan that includes renters (Photo courtesy of Texas Public Radio).

According to a KENS 5 piece, Rep. John Bryant believes he made an attempt. The Texas Property Tax Relief Bill would have provided renters with a tax credit of up to 10% of their previous year’s rent.

According to the Dallas Democrat, 67% of households in District 114 in northeast Dallas are rental households, while almost 40% of all homes in Texas are.

His plan was never addressed when House and Senate leaders achieved an agreement on property taxes. The renter rebate was proposed as an amendment during the final discussion on the Texas Property Tax Relief Bill, but it was also rejected.

Texas homeowners should expect to pay between $1,200 and $1,450 less in property taxes as a consequence of the Texas property tax relief law, which passed and is now pending the governor’s signature.

According to ABC 8 Texas, the two main causes driving this decline are an increase in the homestead exemption from $40,000 to $100,000 and “compression,” or decreasing the tax burden on Texas homeowners by handing school districts an additional $12 billion.

Despite the fact that Republicans have long dominated Austin, Bryant believes that Democrats can point to some pieces of legislation that they were responsible for, such as persuading the Texas House to approve some exemptions and doubling the homestead exemption.

“Remember, the Texas Property Tax Relief Bill was entirely compression, which gives away a huge amount of tax relief to skyscrapers, refineries, oil wells, and other things like that,” the Democrat recalled. “The issue is that both homeowners and renters pay far too much in property taxes and rent.” The issue is not caused by skyscrapers and petrochemical factories.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has agreed to approve the Texas Property Tax Relief Act. Furthermore, Texas voters must still approve this on the ballot in November.