10 Jobs That Don’t Get Enough Credit for Beginners: See If They Offer Perks!

I found some great entry-level jobs that people recommended on The Bay City News. People also shared more suggestions in the comments. Here are 10 jobs that are underrated but have good benefits, training, or chances for advancement:

10 Jobs That Don’t Get Enough Credit for Beginners See If They Offer Perks[Image Source :Wordingwise]

1.Optician : Become an optician! In many states, including NY where I work, you need a license. You can start as a front desk worker and learn on the job, doing things like prescreening for the doctor. You can also do an apprenticeship at a chain optical store like Visionworks or LensCrafters. I started as a salesperson, did an apprenticeship, got licensed, and now make $90K a year as a general manager and optician.

2. Trades and Apprenticeships:“I think ‘the trades’ should be ranked higher on this list. I know a 21-year-old who was in a court program for a drug-related arrest. After completing treatment and job training, he was hired by a trade union in my city. He had no previous experience, but he now earns more per hour than me, even though I went to college and work as his counselor.”

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3. HVAC Technician: In my area, HVAC pays $20 per hour for a beginner. It’s a good salary, and you’ll learn while working. Plus, it’s not affected by economic downturns.

4. Plumbing Apprentice:My son is learning to be a plumber and earns well at just 19 years old. He can also get health insurance from the union.

5. Correctional Education:I am an education counselor in Texas, working in correctional education. I am certified as a school counselor. You can find jobs other than being a correctional officer in nearby prisons. You might be surprised at what you find. The pay may not be the highest, but it is a full-time job with benefits.

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6. Air Traffic Controller:Air traffic control is a good job that doesn’t require much education or a perfect record. If you become certified, you can have a good career with good pay and benefits.

7. Manufacturing Industry: Working in a factory or manufacturing is a good opportunity, especially if it is a union shop. You start on the manufacturing floor and learn about the different departments and functions. Some companies like to promote their employees from within and offer tuition reimbursement.

8. Executive/Administrative Assistant: Many companies require executive/administrative assistants. If you are organized, intelligent, and have basic computer skills, it is an excellent opportunity to start your career.

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9. Retail Management: When I was 19, I worked in retail and got promoted to management at 21. As an assistant sales manager, I made more money than I do now as an adult who went to college. Some people may not agree with me, but that’s my experience.

10. Medical Assistant:I work as a medical assistant. At first, I wanted to become a registered nurse and thought being a CMA would help me get there. But, after working in a hospital for a while, I realized I like being a CMA more than being an RN. So, I’m content with my job as a medical assistant.

What job would you suggest for someone who wants to learn while working or get help with tuition fees? Please share your ideas and experiences in the comments!

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