25-year-old Darius Cummings from Newberry is facing charges of driving with a suspended license and possession of marijuana.

Newberry Man Arrested for Possession of Marijuana, Intent to Sell Marijuana, and Suspended License (Photo from Sebastian County)

According to a WCJB report, Darius Cummings, 25, of Newberry, is caught up in a legal mess. Alachua County sheriff’s officials arrested Cummings on charges of driving under the influence, selling marijuana, and marijuana possession. CCTV footage shows a dramatic high-speed chase that stops abruptly, leaving Cummings in the back of a blue Ford and facing possible legal repercussions.

Traffic Violation Unveils a Suspended License Drama

When a tag check revealed Cummings’ suspended license because of unpaid criminal traffic fees, it cast a shadow over Cummings’ blue Ford and set the stage for an epic traffic stop that would reveal more than just a suspended license.

Only six blocks from his first stop, Cummings pulled over, setting up a showdown with the law. As deputies prepared to search his car, they smelled burnt marijuana coming from inside.

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Cummings repeatedly told them he had a marijuana card, but the deputy said it was illegal to smoke while driving. The battle between law and personal freedom began, adding layers of legal uncertainty to this roadside drama.

The Legal Dilemma That Escalates with Marijuana The Legal Drama That Escalates With Marijuana

The smell of burnt marijuana prompted a full-scale search, which turned up 76.9 g of marijuana inside the vehicle. Drug-related charges surfaced as plastic bags to separate the marijuana and two scales to prove intent to distribute; the marijuana was missing dispensary packaging, further complicating the legal situation.

In the midst of this green discovery, Mr. Cummings’ efforts to defend his possession came to a screeching halt as the life-sized statute of legal consequences asserted itself. As the arresting officers gathered evidence, what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop became a momentous legal proceeding.

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Now, Mr. Cummings is being held at Alachua county jail on a $ 12,000 bond and the ongoing legal proceedings are clouding his immediate future. It’s a reminder of the unexpected twists and turns that can occur on seemingly ordinary days.

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