Here are the top 10 most dangerous cities in Kentucky in 2024 – a cautionary tale.

Kentucky may be the home of the Wildcats and the bourbon trails, but it’s also the home of some of the most dangerous cities in the country. Southwest Journal reveals Kentucky’s top 10 most dangerous cities for 2024, warning residents and prospective movers to be on the lookout. As you plan your trip through the Bluegrass state, keep an eye out for the life-size statue of danger that lurks in these hidden corners.

Navigating the 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Kentucky in 2024 – A Cautionary Tale (Photo from Google)

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Kentucky 2024

  1. Bowling Green:-The Corvette city of Bowling Green surprises us as the most dangerous city in Kentucky. Crime statistics reveal a life-threatening crime rate of 247 violent crimes reported in 2020. This life-threatening crime doesn’t stop at personal safety. Property crimes are on the rise as well, with 71 reported thefts.
  2. Oak Grove:-The quiet town of Oak Grove is being shattered by property crimes. The small police department is dealing with 169 thefts, 38 break-ins, and 28 vehicles stolen. Mayfield
  3. The Wild West of Kentucky:-Mayfield holds the dubious honor of being the 3rd most dangerous city in the state, with challenges such as murder and rape. The city’s unique attraction Cartwright Grove can’t hide its grim reputation. Mayfield is like a life-size statue of crime.
  4. Shively:- Bourbon Trail shadows are darkened by murder in Shively, a stop along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Shively has the highest murder rate in the state. Reported incidents of aggravated assault, robbery, and rape require residents to remain vigilant in this community. Shively has a life-sized statute of danger that stands in stark contrast to its historic roots.
  5. Paducah: From Founder’s Vision to Ugly Notoriety:- The city of Paducah was founded by William Clark. Today, Paducah has the unwelcome title of “one of the most dangerous cities in Kentucky.” The contemporary criminal landscape highlights the 993 property crimes Paducah had in 2020.
  6. Newport: Proximity to progress brings arson’s shadow:- Newport is across the Ohio river from Cincinnati. With the highest crime rate in the country and 12 sexual attacks and most arsons, it’s hard to believe you’ll be safe anywhere near progress. Newport stands out as a life-sized symbol of caution in the shadows of busy cities.
  7. The city of Owensboro:- a symphony of crime amid musical bliss Known as “the world’s barbecue capital” and “the home of the Bluegrass music hall of fame,” Owensboro finds itself at the bottom of the 7’s most dangerous city rankings. From the harmony of music to the chaos of car theft and larceny, Owensboro is like a life-size statue of caution amidst cultural wealth.
  8. The city of Maysville – crime on the banks of the Ohio river Nestled along the shores of the mighty Ohio River, Maysville makes its way to the top of the 8’s dangerous cities rankings. With a population of 8,695, Maysville faces a number of challenges, most notably property crime.
  9. Winchester:- Belonging in the Shadows of LexingtonWinchester’s reputation as a “home away from home” has been tarnished by 106 reported burglaries in 2020, along with 8 reported robberies. As residents try to protect their personal belongings, Winchester has become a life-size statue of caution in the shadows of its larger neighbor, Lexington.
  10. · “Hazardous Oasis” in Kentucky:MiddlesboroOne of the most dangerous Kentucky communities to live in, Middlesboro has a history of violent crime. In 2020, Middlesboro had 13 reported assaults and 9 reported rapes. While not a major violent crime center, the 29 reported violent offenses in Middlesboro contribute to the “Life-Size Statue of Caution” that sits atop the landscape of Kentucky.
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